I love taking photos. Primarily of people, but landscapes and scenery are cool too. I need to try more still-life/closeups or product photography to stretch my wings.


Photographers can be so obsessed with gear. And I won’t lie – I’m not immune to this affliction. I own a silly amount of lenses, and some very nice digital bodies, both mirrorless and traditional DSLR.

Greatest camera EVARRRR. Photographed by a cellphone that is also not so bad, the Samsung Note 8.

If you’re curious, most of the photos you’ll see on this site were shot with Fuji X-T cameras (X-T1, X-T3, or X-H1) or on a Nikon D750. Some older photos may be from my Nikon D3500, from before I graduated to full-frame/prosumer gear.

I’m absolutely in love with the Fuji X-T cameras, and the X-T3 is surely the best all-around camera a hybrid still/video shooter can buy as of this writing. But the D750 is still superior and worth lugging for a few specific tasks: mostly fast, low-light photography, due largely to the full-frame sensor and great-big, fast, sharp glass. Maybe a Nikon Z-series camera is in my future – it would be nice to put all my sweet F-mount lenses back to work after gravitating so strongly to the Fuji line, especially for low-light video! Obviously that will require an Atomos recorder and related storage media as well – making the whole package into quite an investment.