My website. With stuff that I have to say, show, share in general. Hope you find it useful for whatever brought you here.

That said, if there’s any one thing I hope you’ll check out, it’s actually away on another website. I made a movie! It’s called Superpowers Aren’t a Thing. And I hope you’ll visit the website, watch the trailer, and who knows, maybe see the movie!

Photographs on this site

Are all made by me, unless otherwise noted. Copyrights all reserved. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ask for permission! For the right usage, I can certainly be very generous. And beyond that, hey, everything has a price, right? But using without permission? That’s stealing.


You’ll probably find lots of photography and video stuff here, but I actually get my hands (and my mind) all into so many topics, pursuits, hobbies. So I have lots to teach and share! Plus… I love my family like crazy, crazy, crazy. I’ve got a kindergartner who appears in my photographs a lot, and an adult son who doesn’t appear nearly enough. (so it goes, so I hear)



I live in Thousand Oaks, California – just outside Los Angeles and in Ventura County, on the other side of the Santa Monica Mountains from Malibu. You can find me on IG: @zoanyway