Garden Journal 05/22/2020

First New Zealand Spinach/Worrigal Greens seedling popped up! Also got seedlings of pole beans (finally!), 3 of the “Improved” and 1, maybe 2 of the Scarlet.

Finished building and filling the 2nd Table (Elevated) SIP, placed in slot #3. So it will be ready to receive seedlings tomorrow evening. Going in will be 2 or 3 Fordhook “Giant” Chard, about 10 typical rainbow chard, and 8 arugula seedlings. Maybe I’ll direct-sow some standard spinach up front. The back will be for pole beans, like slot #2.

The calabacita zucchini plant is pumping out fruits and flowers, but seems to be suffering for it? Yellowing and wilty leaves when it seemed so strong just several days ago? Not sure if that’s due to the energy expenditure of fruiting and how I should address it (feed? with what concentrations?)

“Golden Zucchini” has pushed up at least 2 if not 3 seedlings, and the 49er Hybrid Yellow squash has several strong seedlings, so I need to get another Big Blue SIP up and running ASAP. Plus a 3rd for a 2nd batch of winter squash, and 4th for the last batch of summer squashes. That will surely cover us for squashes, and will exhaust the 2 barrels I bought for the purpose – though I could certainly steal one more from the 2 I had set aside to add to my single rain barrel.

We also (Maya and I) dug up some sod and planted a patch of flowers right in front of the kitchen window. Hope that turns out!

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