Garden Journal 2020-05-17

Actually backtracking a bit first:

2020-05-15: sowed basil seeds in takeout containers, “Italian Large Leaf” and “Purple” (something Greek?). Finished construction of the shade structure (50% shade cloth) over the elevated SIP containers.

2020-05-16: sowed New Zealand Spinach in peat pots (5 seeds in 5 pots). Reseeded bare spots in front lawn after repairing busted sprinkler heads (finally!). Built out first “elevated SIP container” to receive the leaf lettuces that have germinated in the kitchen window sill and the arugula that germinated outside. (first signs of the latest chard sprouts in the outside nursery container as well).

2020-05-17: Sowed Malabar Spinach in peat pots (8 seeds in 6 pots). Rearranged the tables and moved the yellow crookneck squash out to the pool section. Mixed the planting medium for that first elevated SIP container, and filled it up. Started construction of the first of a few big SIP containers from cut 55-gallon drums, intended to receive squashes and cukes. Going to need a lot more potting mix. 🙁 Construction and planting of these Big Blue Self-Watering Pots(tm) will be a blog entry unto itself.

Here are some more photos of the plants on this day:

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